Goals & Accomplishments


I have three goals that I believe are crucial to education in Nebraska:

  1. We must encourage more Nebraskans to become teachers.
  2. We must continue to expand early childhood opportunities, especially in our rural schools.
  3. We must provide an environment where every child feels safe and cared for.

Working together, the Nebraska Board of Education has accomplished great things for our kids:

During COVID, we helped keep Nebraska schools OPEN, our kids safe and learning.

We increased broadband access for rural schools and families – leveling the field for our rural students.

We expanded early childhood education allowing more kids in our rural communities to get off to a great start.

We expanded dual credit courses for high school kids to get the best start possible to their college career.



Health Standards

As a result of my leadership, the controversial health standards have been postponed indefinitely. These issues belong primarily between parents and their children. I believe local schools and their elected school boards should have more control over sensitive curriculum.

History is and must be based on facts, not ideological, divisive theories. None of our kids should be taught that they are an oppressor or a victim because of the color of their skin. Our kids should be taught that they come from a great country, because they do. 

CRT and Divisive Ideologies

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